Killing Time #1

For today’s episode, we’re bringing you a look at a pilot for a brand new show on ChannelFlip, called Killing Time. It stars our friendly New Yorker hosts, IA and JB, looking at cool internet sites that spill over into real life. We’d really love your feedback on the show, so please do let us know. Normal Unwired service will be resumed shortly! In the meantime visit Scoopit for tech news



  • Kevin Smith: Dear Wil, Okay, great; …looking for it now. My nephew needs a new laptop. He has been getting...
  • Joseph Carbone: Love the info… ~Joseph
  • Trevor: The site is interesting but I can’t think of any reason why I’d ever need it. If the show’s...
  • jocuri: Good info thank you, Ill try to see how it is and ill come with some impressions.
  • Steve: Dull presentation, with the two guys doing their best to spice it up but unfortunately failing miserably. I...
  • M: Good concept and execution, but the presenters should add more humor to the script.
  • JS: The guys were alright and Rasterbator is cool, but it has been around for a while. I’m in two minds as to...
  • John Franglen: The link in question is pretty cool. Unfortunately, the pair presenting it are rather flat, and they...
  • Cloud Storage Pros and cons: A clever idea and a terrific show! Well done!
  • Jon: Agree with Erin… the idea “online stuff that helps you with your offline life” is good, the...
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Killing Time #1

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